Le Nissan Technology Center North America

Le Nissan Technology Center North America (NTCNA) célèbre la Journée de la Terre 365 jours par année.

Stockage de glace thermique, puits de lumière translucides, étang d'irrigation et centre de recyclage soulignent l’effort quotidien pour garder une planète propre.

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FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – On Earth Day 2014, it’s business as usual at Nissan Technical Center North America (NTCNA). Inside, a thermal ice storage system efficiently reduces greenhouse gas emissions and lowers costs. Translucent skylights energize employees and simultaneously reduce energy consumption, helping trap heat on cold days. In the summer, white roofs provide the opposite effect, cooling the building. Outside, a massive recycling center salvages unused plastics, aluminum, steel, wood, cardboard and other vehicle parts no longer in use, while in the parking lot sits the only public electrical vehicle charging stations in Farmington Hills.

At NTCNA, every day is Earth Day.

“We encourage every one of our 1,200 employees to be environmentally conscious on a day-to-day basis, while always keeping an eye on what we can do to improve,” said Kunio Nakaguro, senior vice president, Research and Development, Nissan North America. ”For Nissan, Earth Day is a celebration of what we do on a daily basis to ensure we’re saving energy and avoiding unnecessary pollution, and we take pride in this accomplishment.”

Just yards in front of the facility – which houses production engineering, research and testing, purchasing, quality and administration – the campus pond conserves water and aids irrigation. Not far is the organic garden, a beneficiary of the irrigation system, where employees plant vegetables each spring and donate the finished product to a local charity. Employees are also encouraged to carpool to work, evidenced by a line of “Car Pool Only” parking spots at the front of the company lot.

The brains behind many of the employee initiatives is the NTCNA “Green Team,” a group of 22 company employees who meet monthly to brainstorm green ideas. For Earth Day, the team has organized a “Zero Waste Lunch” with a goal of recycling or composting every bit of leftover components.

Other regular environmentally savvy technologies and initiatives at NTCNA include:

  • Unusable wood pallets and old tires are chipped and made into mulch.
  • Wheels and other metals are turned into various auto parts and other products.
  • Usable computer parts are refurbished and reused, while unusable parts are broken down and recycled.
  • Recycled cardboard is converted into paper for brown paper bags.

Source : nissannews.com


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